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       The company was founded in 2012, registered capital of 3 million yuan, covers an area of about 1400 square meters. Division I is a professional manufacturer of automation equipment, all kinds of automotivetooling and testing equipment, precision products of the company, the company has excellent design team, an experienced and skilled workers, with ability of mechanical design, electrical design and machining parts, assembly, commissioning, on-site installation. Companies strictly control the quality of products to provide customers with high-quality qualified products.


       We Bingzhe "to provide world-class products and services to factory automation technology as the core," the purpose, has completed the design and development of many project products, manufacture of non-standard automation equipment, logistics automation equipment and other special equipment.

        The company always adhere to the customer value oriented, continue to create value for customers. More sincerely hope that our customer turnover is booming, and enterprises are booming, we would like to work together to create brilliant.


◇ This control panel design and production

◇ This automation equipment. Labor-saving design, fabrication and construction

◇ The development of application programming and related equipment -- stepper, servo motor and inverter of the

◇ When using CCD, two-dimensional code image processing, detection of bad judgment detection equipment development model

◇ After the robot application: handling, stacking, unstacking and welding etc.

◇ This robot, maintenance maintenance and debugging

◇ After the development of laser equipment, metal cutting, welding, non - metal

◇ AGV handling car

◇ After the welding automatic cap machine, automatic grinding machine for cap

◇ After the import and export trade

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