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“For me style means classy, chic and at times even experimental,” Says Kanchi Singh

Beautiful Kanchi Singh aka loving Gayatri from Yeh Rishta Kya Kahlata Hai in talks with JustShowbiz as she reveals of quitting the show
We hear that you recently quit Yeh Rishta.  What led to the decision?
The reason I quit Yeh Rishta was because I wanted to explore more.  As much as I loved playing Gaytri, I feel as an actor I want to now test new horizons and try out new roles.  For me it was a beautiful journey but my growth as an actor needs to continue.
You also just recently did a short film. How was that experience?
It’s a horror film and I loved it.  I did the film for a friend and this was a completely different experience.  I had fun shooting for it and since it was horror, I enjoyed it all the more.  Even though I wasn’t a ghost, I played an interesting role in the film.
People have loved you as Gayatri.  How similar are you to the character you recently played?
Not  completely but yes there are similarities. I am independent and responsible like Gayatri who loves her family and can do anything for them. However, characters on television are either black or white and as humans we have our imperfections which aren’t necessarily there in the characters we play.

Kanchi you are a very well dressed actress.  Does it come naturally to you?
I feel my dressing sense comes from my mother.  I have grown up seeing my mother dressed so well.  I take advice from her on what to wear and what not to wear.  She shops for me most of the time.  So for me my styling comes from my mother.
How would you describe your personal style?
My style begins first with comfort.  For me, being comfortable in what I wear is extremely important.  I usually see an outfit and know whether its made for me or not.  Rather than following fashion blindly, for me style means classy, chic and at times even experimental.
What next? What kind of roles would you like to take up?
I want to learn, grow, experiment as an actor.  Yeh Rishta was an ensemble cast and for me I would like that the next show I take up is as a lead where the story revolves around the character I play.  I would also love to take up something interesting in the nonfiction space but again it has to be something I am comfortable with.
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