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Dolly Sohi Close Up Interview

Quick 10 with Dolly Sohi currently seen in Paperback Films Meri Durga 
1) The TV show  which made me very popular
2) Had I not been a TV actor /actress I would have probably
still an artist. I love painting and sketching
3) If I go out on a romantic ‘date’ I expect
sitting on a silent beach
4) My favourite snack/s when ‘eating out’ in Mumbai is
Vada Pav
5) If I ever lose my cell phone I
I’ll be handicap
6) Actually, I find it so embarrassing
when I forgot the person’s name who comes to say hello to me and I try to recall that person’s name
7) One thing I wish to drastically change about Mumbai is
roads conditions and Traffic
8) One ‘hot’ /actor I would like to be marooned on an
Irfan Khan
9) My favourite destination/s both foreign and Indian
Switzerland and Kerala
10) If I ever merit a Bollywood movie debut I would love to be cast
the opposite ( and why)
Amitabh Bachchan. I would be the luckiest person if I ever get a chance to share a screen with him there’s so much to learn from him.
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