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All praises for Kangna Ranaut’s video with AIB

Kangna Ranaut is in news everywhere. For right or wrong reasons, the gorgeous lady is head strong and takes a dig of all biggies of Bollywood. She is on her feet standing tall and busy with her promotions of her upcoming film Simran releasing this Friday.

In her latest video with AIB released yesterday, she has wisecrack the biased handling of female stars in Bollywood.The satirical video showcases the ill-treatment of actresses on the sets by clueless filmmakers. The more than seven-minute long video also highlights on Bollywood’s obsession with casting actresses half the age of male leads and the launch of actors with limited talents only because of their filmaker father.

Have a look!!

The video is not only successful with 1.7 million views in just 24 hours but also trended on second position in first few hours. Presently it is trending on third position on youtube with around 7K comments to it. The video is garnering applauds on all social media websites.




She definitely irked some Bollywood biggies but looks like public opnion is with her and waiting for her film releasing this friday. Don’t forget to watch but don’t buy popcorns as Kangna is going to pop you head with her liveliness as Praful Patel.

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