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Safety is priority for these TV actors

The case of Chandigarh girl Barnika Kundu, where she was stalked late at night, has been an eye opener for many. While Mumbai is touted to be a safe city, our TV actors talk about the precautions that must be taken while travelling late at night.

Neha Saxena:
 India, as a country, is unsafe, we can’t isolate cities like this, such incidents are being reported every day, everywhere. What happened with
Varnika Kundu happens every other day. By God’s grace, she was able to escape such horrifying incident. Even thinking of that scenario is frightening. We all heard about Shakti Mill rape case in Mumbai as well, so no city is safe today. But yes, Mumbai isn’t as unsafe as Delhi. The only precaution I take is to come back home at a decent time when I am travelling alone!

Ankit Siwach: I have always felt that Mumbai is a safer city to live in, as compared to many other cities. There is a sense of responsibility in most of the citizens here. The Chandigarh incident is just another case out of many that may be happening in our country.
Yes, it’s scary, every individual has to be alert and should take all necessary precautions while going out. It’s better to help yourselves rather than looking for help.

Rohit Purohit:
 What happened in Chandigarh is extremely shameful and infuriating. I think Mumbai is still a very safe city for women but there are some precautions that need to be taken here as well. First
of all, I feel that women should know self-defense. They should be able to protect themselves. Once they will show the courage, people, too, will help them out.

Lavanya Bharadwaj:
 I have been staying in Mumbai for 7 years. I have stayed at lots of places in India, but have felt the safest in Mumbai. But I feel women should take precautions here as well. Like if they are going somewhere, they should tell someone, so their friends or family members are aware of where they are. The meaning of this is to not restrict their independence, it’s so that someone can reach them if the need arises. Recently my wife (Dede Frescilia), who isn’t from India, had to go somewhere and I had a meeting. So she decided to take a cab. But she messaged me all details about the driver, cab number and wherever she was going. It was as easy as that. I feel all women should do this. But more importantly, people will have to change the way they think about women.
Ramman Handa: It’s sad to hear about what has happened in Chandigarh with Barnika. It’s an example of psycho behaviour. The incident with Barnika is so scary. I can’t even imagine this happening to anyone I know. This shows how sick some people are. Mumbai is the safest city as there are people on the streets even at odd hours. People living in Mumbai are progressive and sex is not all that they think about. It’s a cosmopolitan city.
Shakti Arora: In Mumbai, it’s still safe because people are used to working in the night. They take necessary precautions like informing their families that they are alone, so at least they can keep a check.

Karan Oberoi:
 It’s not as much about the city as it is about the mindset of people. I wonder how many such incidents will we have to bear before we realise that the only way to discourage such barbaric and stupid
behaviour by men, is to have a punishment so harsh that it acts as a minimum deterrent. Also, swift action by the authorities will make a difference. The archaic mindsets and idiotic sense of entitlement of men need to change. Women asserting their rights is
one of the many steps in the right direction. Mumbai, as compared to other cities, still feels a lot safer. Yet any one such incident is all that will take to mar that reputation. I worry about my near and dear, especially when they travel late at night. I always encourage them to speak about anything untoward that they go through without the fear of reprisals from anybody. I don’t think there is anything adequate that is being done to educate these morons, who believe they have a right to force women and can get away with anything.

Karan Wahi: Safety has been an issue as a whole for so many years in our country, especially in the north. Mumbai is relatively a safer city, but I guess safety has to do a lot with law and order and until the time we won’t be scared of our law and order system, we can’t ensure safety. Today we aren’t actually scared of the cops or the system as a whole because we know there are loopholes. All I can say is I hope we become a little more aware.

Shardul Pandit: I think Mumbai is by far one of the safest cities for women in India. However, having lived abroad in Dubai, I really think the safety for women in India is a serious concern. It’s not going to be safe till strict steps are taken and there is an overall attitude change. Till that time women have to be strong and learn self-protection and so do men. Harsh steps have to be taken against those who don’t respect women.

Ssharad Malhotraa: What happened with Barnika Kundu is so scary. Although Mumbai is touted as a safe city, we still need to be very careful. It’s wrong to expect women to follow a certain lifestyle just because men can’t respect boundaries. But until the time these psychopaths are dealt with, women will have to be careful.

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