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Meri Durga crosses the 200th mark #PICS

Ravindra Gautam and Pradeep Kumar’s Meri Durga has been a hit right from the start. Known for its gripping story and well defined characters; the show was bound to be a success. The audience has been loving the show from the start, which is how it reached its 200th episode. Proud of their creation, producers Ravindra and Pradeep recently threw a party to celebrate the success.

“Nowadays not many shows reach the 200 mark and it’s an honour for Meri Durga to make it so far.  I am so grateful to the audience for accepting and loving the show. I hope they continue to do so in the future as well,” says Ravindra.

The party was held last Sunday at suburban restaurant Bora Bora in Andheri. Like their show, the party was a hit as well with many people from the show as well as others were in attendance. Celebrities such as Paras Kalnawat, Ananya Agrawal, Dolly Sohi, Ashna Kishore, Ramansh Bundela, Vicky Ahuja, Aishwarya Sharma, Rashami Shaw and Srishti Jain joined Pradeep, Ravindra and his son Aaroh, at the party.

The special chocolate cake that was cut at the party was a sinful delight. Besides relishing the scrumptious dinner, the guests also took pictures and celebrated with each other.

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